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Interactive Marketing Group, LLC.

Website design company in Brownsburg Indiana

We deliver beautiful, search friendly websites that our clients are able to easily edit from any computer, tablet or phone. Even if you do not want to edit your own website, when we do editing & SEO using WordPress, we typically cut the time spent significantly!

We do all of our design work as WordPress Custom Themes, simply because it is a great system. WordPress is an amazing value for any small business looking for their first website or creating a new web concept.

Wordpress LogoWhy WordPress?

With over 11,000 plugins available, and the support of the largest online community of any web platform in history, WordPress can be running any website on the web. In fact, over 20% of the websites on the internet today are built on WordPress! Easy to use, secure, easy to add advanced capabilities and most importantly, Search Engine Optimization tasks are all easier and quicker in WP.

Woo Commerce LogoeCommerce

Start selling today in the United States - or go global - with the world’s most customizable eCommerce platform. Your store, your way.

No other eCommerce platform allows people to start for free and grow their store as their business grows. More importantly, WooCommerce doesn’t charge you a portion of your profits as your business grows.

Dollar Sign ImageDesign Cost

Website Design is billed at $75/hr. A typical small business website takes 12 – 16 hours. A typical e-commerce website take  18 – 24 hours. It’s that simple, we have low overhead, we work quickly, do not be surprised if we come in significantly under other bids because we often do.