Discover Hendricks County

(Currently in BETA)

It’s a timeless, exhausting, and frustrating struggle. You’re with friends, family, or your significant other and you’re both so hungry you start to wonder if you’ll every decide on where you’re going and you’ll pass out from hunger pains or you need a repair done and can’t decide where to go. Before resorting to self-inflicted pain and suffering, let Alexa make your decision for you through the Discover Hendricks County skill. Just say “Alexa, open Discover Hendricks County”.

Business Owners/Event Coordinators

If you want to be added to Discover Hendricks County and have Alexa suggest your business¬† to those undecided patrons, fill out the form below. If you’re already in the decision tree and want to update some info or announce a special, fill out the form and check the Update box.