cd_catalog1This product is suitable for all business owners wanting to create CD-based product or services catalogs for distribution to their customers. It is a highly cost effective alternative to printed color catalogs where costs can be in the thousands of dollars to produce and distribute. This also gives you the flexibility of modifying your catalog quickly and easily. Putting the point-of-sale at your customer’s fingertips gives your business the competitive edge.


Imagine endless opportunities to communicate in a way never before possible! Imagine the ultimate innovative showcase for your business!

Imagine a IBCard! A business card-size CD-ROM that contains a world of information about your company in an exciting interactive form, including photos, video and audio, and runs automatically in any PC CD-ROM drive with no installation of a viewer or a player.

Since virtually 100% of your customers have access to a computer, just imagine handing out this interactive business card to your prospective clients! Due to size, novelty and artistic attraction, it’s a proven fact that they will view the contents and show it to an average of 4 more people.

The IBCard is the most innovative, effective and inexpensive marketing tool ever created. It’s the ultimate promotional tool for your business!